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About ME

Well here is a little about me...  My name is Chris, I'm 41 years old, married, and have two amazing children.  My passion for cars started before I could walk, probably like most of you.  The passion never ended or sidetracked, it became more and more, sort of like an Addiction.  Growing up in Long Island, N.Y. my family was never much into motorsports.  There wasn't much going on by us.  Yearly trips to the Monster Truck show was what I looked forward to most.  Fast forward to me being 18 and getting my first Mustang, a pre-owned stock 1993 coupe 5.0. I built that into a track car and haven't looked back since.  Going to car meets is what I love the most especially with friends... Meeting new people which has always been sort of funny because most of the time you can remember someone by their car, and not their name. So now I have been in Florida for almost 5 years, the car scene is great down here and I'm about 12 minutes from Bradenton Motorsports Park.  So, now I've started The Auto Addiction, something I have started because I want to bring people with the same passion for cars that I have together, whether it be a meet or a cruise, or an event. I have met some amazing people down here and made great friends... 

See you at the next event!!!